Narval CC

Narval™ CC is ResMed's premier oral appliance. As one of the lightest oral appliances available, Narval CC is designed to be discreet, comfortable and effective. Crafted from a lightweight, flexible and metal-free biocompatible material, unlike any other oral appliance, this specially designed device allows you the freedom and flexibility to talk and drink — a solution so comfortable, you’ll never want to go a night without it.

Narval CC works by simply holding your jaw in a forward position while you sleep to expand the space behind your tongue and help prevent obstruction and snoring. A recent clinical study found that worn nightly, Narval CC significantly reduces sleep apnea symptoms and improves quality of life.1 Get easygoing sleep therapy — night after night — with Narval CC.

Ask your doctor about Narval CC and check with your medical insurance provider to find out how oral appliances for sleep apnea are included in your plan.

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